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What is an Elopement? Michigan Intimate Ceremony

What is an elopement?

The technical "definition" is "The act of eloping; secret departure; -- said of a woman and a man, one or both, who run away from their homes for marriage or for cohabitation."

Its always been thought that eloping is some secretive getaway that young kids do to get married or something. Now, this is a thing of the past...

A modern definition is entirely different and exciting!! "Elopement is any intentionally intimate wedding that ditches the preconceived notion of what your big day should be in favor of what you want it to be."

As a wedding photographer, I have noticed more and more ditching the traditions of the past! Couples now have the freedom to make THEIR day EXACTLY how they see it!

We are a HUGE advocate for making your big day exactly how you picture it! Whether that's just you two or 250+ guests. Whether you want to hike in the woods or lay on the beach, we are HERE FOR IT!!

Thinking this sounds like you? Feel free to reach out to us and LET'S plan!

Enjoy these epic and relaxed moments of Jinger & Karl's fall wedding ceremony!

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