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From bride to bride: Tips for your wedding day!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

1. Get a box (I used a medium sized filing box with a lid that was easy to carry/transport) and use it to put everything important for the day of in. I used it to put my marriage license in, rings, shoes, jewelry, touch up make up, my "emergency kit" items, and a bunch of other stuff that I would want easily accessible. I started to pack this a couple of weeks in advance so I was sure I didn't forget anything.

Bridal details, wedding shoes, wedding flowers, jewelry, wedding ring

2. Do a first look with your grandparents! I chose to do this and it was honestly the most memorable part of the night and it was just so incredibly special for all 3 of us.

3. Make sure you eat something. I only ate a few pieces of fruit that morning, and by ceremony time I was so nervous and hungry I almost fainted before walking down the aisle. Even if you don't feel hungry, make sure you eat!

4. Ask to see your reception space before everything begins. We got to our venue 2 hrs before ceremony time and they brought me down to the reception room to see it as it was almost fully set up. It was AMAZING to see it without lots of people in there and just take it all in.

5. Don't be afraid to sit and eat at your reception!! I made it a point to make sure my husband and I SAT and ate our whole dinner. If people wanted to talk to us, they would come to our head table and we would just talk while we were eating. People were totally okay with that and didn't think it was rude at all.

6. Put tissues in the MOH/bridesmaids bouquets! It sounds crazy but you can tuck them in and you won't see them and when they cried, they were able to just pull them out and they were able to hand me and my husband them too when we needed them!

A bride and groom at their head table with their bridal party

7. NUMBER YOUR RSVPS. on the back of my rsvps I put a number and made a spread sheet in excel with the person(s) name that corresponded. It saved me so much time trying to hunt down and figure out who's it was if someone didn't put their names. Also, I know on most RSVPs on the line for people to put

their names, the card usually has the M____________. I changed the M to Name(s) just so its more self explanatory for people because let's face it. Some people don't get it.

8. If you are limiting guests in a family, or are doing a kid free wedding, this helped me SO much and made it so I didn't have to have those awkward conversations telling them their kids weren't invited...on your rsvps, put a line that says something like "we have reserved ____ seat(s) in your honor." And then write in how many seats you have for them. So for example, if there is a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids) but I only want the parents there I would put " we have reserved 2 seats in your honor." That way there's no confusion!

9. Things will 10000% go wrong. Just breathe and go with it. My dj played the wrong song initially for my father daughter dance. We just laughed about it and kept dancing. About half way through, he said oh just kidding! And played our actual song. It was not worth getting upset about! Decoration wise, if things go wrong, the only person who will really notice is you. Don't sweat it! At the end of the day, you get to marry your best friend. The only thing that really should be stressed about is if your SO doesn't show up

A bride and father watching a mother son dance

10. Find some time during the 2 weeks leading up to practice self care! Those last 2 weeks are stressful as hell! But after the wedding you'll wonder why you stressed so bad at all!

11. Make a list of photos that you'd like! My photographer printed out my list and went through it the day of. Of course with limited time we couldn't get EVERY shot but we had a meeting the day before the wedding where I prioritized what I wanted most.---candid photos are the BEST!!!

12. Have your photographer spend some time with the guys as they're getting ready too if possible!

**Copied from an actual bride post wedding! Permission was obtained to share this content.

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