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  • Kayla Bowman

Alpena Michigan Fall Wedding | Lilly & Robert

Robert and Lilly were married at Robert’s family farmhouse on a cool Saturday late September. The property had a few apple trees, a large barn, a cow or two and a beautiful field backdrop which just so happened to have a certain tractor in it, but we will get to that later.

This was one of the most fun and emotional weddings we have been a part of... It was also full of little surprises throughout! The ceremony was set up outside under a large arbor with a beautiful flower garland on top, mums surrounding the arbor, and a few pumpkins mixed in. The ceremony overlooked the large field I mentioned before. It was so pretty and the epitome of a fall wedding!

Lilly’s dress was stunning. It was flowy with lace details and full sleeves. Her bridesmaids wore emerald green and burnt orange silk dresses none of which were the exact same. Robert wore jeans with a white button down and a grey vest. His groomsmen wore jeans, suspenders, and a white button down. The whole bridal party was an absolute blast!

Just before the ceremony we were pulled aside and told that when the ceremony is over a few guests will be shooting off confetti canons and the bride and groom have no idea. This was very exciting! The ceremony was short and sweet. After Lilly and Robert shared their first kiss, they began to walk down the aisle and then BOOM! The confetti canons go off and out comes all these tiny little white butterflies! Lilly jumped a little but with a huge smile on her face realized the surprise! We love it when the family takes initiative to surprise the couple it makes for amazing photos!

After the ceremony we had a lot of fun doing bridal party photos. At this point in the day, we knew we were dealing with a super fun and rowdy bunch of people and wanted to showcase that in their photos. In the field there was that tractor I was telling you about earlier. We definitely wanted to use that! We positioned the group around the couple sitting in the driver’s seat of the tractor and captured some great photos. Not soon after their grandma decided she wanted to get in on the fun too and climbed up the tractor with a beer in hand, to sit in the driver’s seat. She posed for a few photos and got down without a problem----Did we mention this was a fun group of people?---- We then decided to go with one of my favorite games, the beer race. We placed a beer on the ground and the bridal party raced to the beer! Now we’ve done this before, and we never really ended up with a PILE of people right in front of the camera. They really wanted that beer and it showed! We had our winner, and he not only chugged the beer but shot gunned it! When people are having fun, it shows in the photos and that’s what we love to see!

The reception was held at one of their favorite places, The Mountain Bar and Grill. They had a large tent set up in the parking lot with heaters. Next to the tent was a green space with two large fire pits a few bar tables and the bar. Inside was where the food was set up like a buffet. They served pulled pork, BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, yummy, mashed potatoes, backed beans, and coleslaw. Super tasty!

After dinner we moved inside the restaurant to begin the dances. Lilly and Robert danced and sang to each other the whole time! It was so sweet! For the father daughter dance Lilly danced with her uncle since her father had passed away. While they were dancing a family member brought her her father’s jacket to put on while they danced. The emotion in the room was unbelievable. Everyone was crying including us. It was beyond special! I’m tearing up just writing about it now. The emotion continued when Robert danced with his mom. Not a dry eye in the whole place! So much love in that moment.

For the garter toss Robert was blindfolded and placed in front of who he thought was his new bride. This was not his bride or even a woman. It was one of his groomsmen in a wedding dress from I’m going to guess the 80’s. He got on all fours and proceeded to climb underneath the dress. I’m going to say he was under there for at least a minute or two before he realized this was not his wife. Lilly showed up behind him after he took the blindfold off and the party began. EVERYBODY was dancing! Shout out to Sound Effect by Rex who is also the bride’s uncle. He knows how to get a party going... and going. It was a shame we had to leave but it was time. We managed to get the bride and groom to ourselves one last time before we left. We put them in front of the restaurant with our light up love sign to take our last photo of the night.

We had an absolute blast with Robert and Lilly and all their amazing family and friends, and we wish them the best!

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Fulsher!

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